Everyday, we write another chapter in our story. 

Let’s begin at Chapter 1…

Once Upon A Time

Our founder,  Ravi Vidya, noticed that while marketing agencies cared about their clients’ campaigns, they never once asked about their clients’ story.

So she founded Storybird Ads, a successful marketing agency that weaves the immeasurable power of storytelling with the tried-and-true marketing strategies that brought in ROI. Borne from the digital marketing chaos was high-converting campaign magic.

The incredible team at Storybird Ads is nothing short of legendary.

With an army of ad managers, project managers, copywriters, marketers and designers, our campaigns cast a powerful spell to create off-the-chart results.

Now that we’ve shared a small part of our story, we’re ready to start writing yours.

One that’s full of fantastically high ROI, lucrative launches, successful campaigns, and one huge win after another.