Case Study: Over $110K in Revenue With a $2,600 Ad Spend

August 31, 2020 / No Comment / Facebook Ads / by Vidya

At Storybird Ads, nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed. So you can imagine how we felt when we received this testimonial from our client John Clarke, of, HALF A DAY into his launch:

Having to UPGRADE his ActiveCampaign membership and making four HIGH-TICKET SALES in a few hours were only the tip of the iceberg for John. By the end of the launch, we had turned his $2,600 Facebook Ad Spend into $110,781 in revenuethat’s a 42.5x ROI!


Important Stats

Total Ad Spend: $2,600

Cost of High-Ticket Item: $3,000

Target Market: Counselors, Therapists, & Psychologists

Total Revenue: $110,781

ROAS (Return on Ad Spend): 42.5x

“...I have been running Facebook ads for years. I’ve hired other people to do it, other agencies, other experts. No one has come close to getting me the kind of results that Vidya and her team have gotten me. I just simply don’t know how she does it. All I know is that she produced amazing results for me and my business.”

John Clarke

How We Did It: 5 Steps To with $2,600 Ad Spend

1.We focused on getting and nurturing leads.

We wanted to reach a few different test audiences, so we trialed three different lead magnets with three unique angles. All three lead magnets were very high-value—in fact, some users opted in to more than one of them!

All in all, we spent about $1,000/month for the first two months and generated tons of leads to fill the top of John’s funnel.

2.We focused on getting and nurturing leads.

Let this be a lesson: Great content marketing can be powerful! During the time we worked together, John was going live at least once or twice a week, sharing tons of helpful videos to his audience, and nurturing his email list often.

Why does this matter? By keeping his audience engaged with strategic content, John helped us keep our cost per lead extremely low. His content also made it possible for us to easily retarget warm leads.

Notice that we said strategic content. When it comes to the free content you provide, more doesn’t always equal better. John was very thoughtful about what stories he shared and what value he provided. His free content was unique, interesting, and attracted the kind of people who would be interested in his high-ticket item.

3.We promoted a great offer.

Warming up your audience is a huge part of a successful launch, but if your offer is boring, all the smart content marketing in the world can’t help you. For John’s launch, we started with a fantastic high-ticket product and added bonuses almost every week to keep people engaged, interested, and feeling like they were getting a great value even at his product’s $3,000 price point.

4.We kept John’s funnel simple and focused on helping potential buyers feel like they already knew and loved John’s work.

A lot of business owners believe they need complicated 10-step funnels if they want to experience the kind of success John experienced, but that’s not true. With all of our clients, we encourage simple, straightforward funnels.

In John’s case, our funnel consisted of just a few basic steps: We used our lead generation ads to attract lots of interest. We kept people interested with great social content and emails, and we invited interested customers to hop on a call with John.

Before the launch, John had a sales close rate of about 30-40%. But because we spent so much time warming up his leads, he was able to close about 60-70% of his sales calls during the launch. 

In his words, “[The leads] were so warm by the time they got on the call with me that they had already sold themselves. What more can you ask for?”

5.Honestly, we were working with a great client.

Of course, we have to mention John’s role in his success. Throughout the entire live launch process, he was hardworking, coachable, and willing to give us whatever we needed to make his launch successful. 

He didn’t just hand us money and disappear—he showed up and worked with us to make sure we had everything we needed to get the best results possible.

If John hadn’t been able or willing to produce fantastic content, this launch likely wouldn’t have been as successful. His willingness to trust us and put in plenty of his own time helped make this launch a huge success.

We Know What You’re Thinking . . . This Had to Be a One Time Thing, Right?

Actually, no. While John’s results were exceptional, getting seemingly-impossible results for our clients is something we’re pretty familiar with.

And while we can’t give away all our secrets, we CAN tell you that results like these are based on strategy, skill, and optimization—not on a fluke. 🙂

P.S. Want to hear more of John’s story? Check out his full video testimonial below.

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