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Facebook Ads

Ad Strategy & Management

There’s something to be said about the power of storytelling, so we think of every ad as a special chapter in the book of your brand and offer. Driven by creativity and backed by science, our perfectly-crafted campaigns will build your brand’s epic story—and create epic results. Book A Consultation

Facebook Ads Audit

There may be trouble afoot.  Conversions are low, costs are up, and the calendar is full of calls with unqualified leads. It’s time to bring in a specialist.  Book a call with Vidya—in no time at all she’ll discover what’s not working and tell you how to tweak it.  The audit happens both for the funnel and the ads associated with it. Let’s Audit Your Ads ($497)


Funnel Consultation

Some funnels are so complicated they’re more like a puzzle than a widely-praised marketing tactic.

Luckily, Vidya and her team knows how to get a right funnel that CONVERTS, find out what’s broken in your offer—and she knows how to fix it, too. Book a Consultation and receive 1:1 support to optimize your funnel! 

*Due to the amount of personalized 1:1 attention, Storybird Ads only takes on one funnel client per month.


Funnel Audit

It’s pretty and shiny— and staying that way, because no one’s using it. 

If your funnel is empty and your pipeline’s full of cobwebs, then let Vidya take a look. She’ll determine if your sales funnel design is optimized for quality leads or is leaking traffic like holes on a pirate ship.



In the vast kingdom of digital marketing there are certain rulers who take the crown, and wear it well.

Want to learn how to build an incredible offer and a right funnel that converts like magic and reaches the ROI of legendary proportions?

Then apply to our exclusive 1:1 coaching program. The throne is right this way.