I’m very pleased working with Vidya and her ads team. When my company is looking to work with any specialist, we’re always looking for a good mix of strategy & execution and Vidya’s team has that. They take feedback very well, quickly integrating it into their work. Their turnaround time is quick and they’ve flexible in working with us to meet a common goal. As a team, they feel integrated with our team instead of being an additional team to manage.

As a strategist, Vidya is always problem solving & pitching ideas when we are met with obstacles that affect our ads. The realistic and straightforward insight she brings has been extremely valuable in building my trust in paid advertising.

I recommend working with Vidya and her team. If you want honest, no fluff direction from a real strategic consultant, you want to work with her.

Jennifer Kem

8-figure Coach

John Clarke

Cathy Mazak

“Working with Vidya and her team has been nothing short of amazing. They are organized, creative and have helped me launch my signature pediatric feeding course with over 127 students and 242k in our first launch together (a 5 day live training followed by a 5-day open cart period). They have also been instrumental in helping me build my membership with over 118 new members (19 annual, 99 monthly) through just a week of Facebook ads. Highly recommend Vidya and her team!”

Hallie Bulkin

Founder at Feed The Peds, The Myo Method/Membership

“I was struggling to make 10 sales a month with my business. And on a good month, I was making about $2,000 in revenue.

In one month, Vidya and I have done almost $18,000 in course sales with just $1500 in ad spend. My life is completely changed.”


Musician and Course Creator

Tricia Brouk

“We’re in the health and wellness niche which is really crowded, we know it’s super competitive, she’s really helped us gain an edge. She manages all of our ads and our ads always get approved, we’ve never had an issues whatsoever. And it quite honestly her responsiveness, and her ability and ease of communication has been off the charts.

We’re filling our paid challenge every single month to a point where we honestly get excited every month whenever we see them filling up.

She’s truly is invested in our success, like any good partner or coach should be.”

Christin Bummer

Founder, The Forever Diet

Tasha DaCosta

“Here are my numbers from the last 3 months:


Income: $12,573.44
Ad Spend: $1,566.69


Income: $25,327.29
Ad Spend: 1,371.86


Income: $27,452.36
Ad Spend: $1,546.34

My testimonial for Vidya’s services are especially for those who, like me, have never done anything related to Facebook ads. I should correct that to say, I have spent a few hundred dollars trying to promote an event and it was a total waste of money.

Since hiring her, I have not only had amazing results, I’ve also been able to spend time doing what I do well – speaking and communicating with my (growing) client base.

I truly cannot imagine why someone would try to learn this business on their own thinking they are going to save money!

I’m so thankful to have her handling my ad account.”

C. Shaddix

Perry Mardon

“I just wanted to take a second to say how Vidya Ravi is beyond amazing! Not only has she produced stellar results for ad campaigns but also her professionalism is incredible.

She is super knowledgeable, a joy to work with, works fast and always brings tons of insight to all projects.

Also, I’d never seen someone that’s able to get so many ad CTR’s above 8% for a cold audience.

If you ever need FB ads that produce consistent RESULTS, I absolutely recommend her and her team.”

Deyder Cintrón

Founder, Deyder LLC

Chris Drago

“I sell a high ticket item anything between $7000 and $20,000, and most of what Vidya does for me is helps me sell my $20,000 program off the back of her Facebook ads.

Now, my results, as a result of working with Vidya, nothing more than outstanding. My close rates are really, really high (close to 80%) because the perfect person is turning up.

So working with Vidya’s also like having a very, very smart business coach working with you because she is a savvy lady.

I respect her immensely, so I recommend her really highly.”

Perry Mardon

Founder, Mardon International

Christin Bummer

Aman Birdi

“We have been working with her for quite some time and we (including our clients) are more than pleased with the results that she has gotten us.

Vidya is extremely knowledgeable in Facebook ads and optimizing in order to produce the results that we wanted. She is very prompt and communicate throughout the entire process. We would not hesitate to hire her for all of our clients’ Facebook ads management and we will continue to work with her into the future!”

Voltaire Pabustan

Founder, Kaizen Sigma

Allyson Chavez

“I’ve been working with Vidya Ravi for 4 months now.

Even though I signed up for Facebook Ads, Vidya has contributed to every aspect of my funnels.

I had her input with the name of the webinar, the actual webinar itself, the web pages, the copy of the pages as well as the design, the bot strategy, the email sequence, EVERYTHING in fact. In fact, she also advised me on the strategy on the backend and on pricing as well.

What I love about her is that she has been willing to work with me to get me success, continuously tweaking and innovating with my campaigns.

I thought I was signing up for a Facebook Ad Expert. I got a Business Coach instead. Thank you Vidya.”