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You’re Outta’ Here! Facebook Ad Rejected?

February 24, 2022 / No Comment / Facebook Ads / by Vidya

At some point or another, you’ve likely seen an error message saying that the Facebook didn’t approve your ad because it didn’t follow the guidelines.

These messages can put you behind and cause a lot of hair-pulling and stress when you’re on a deadline!

The biggest question you’re probably asking (or screaming if we’re being realistic) is, “What does ‘doesn’t follow our guidelines’ even mean?!”

So before you put your heart and soul into a Facebook ad only to have it rejected by the powers that be, there are some things you’ll want to consider to stay within those guidelines.

We just picked the top 3 to ease you up on these.


Personal Attributes Policy

When you’re trying to get your ads out into the world, you’re probably trying to sell something. Some service, idea, product, something that will improve the lives of those who jump on board.

Facebook has a personal attributes policy that prohibits you and your ads, from making assumptions about people’s race, ethnicity, religion, beliefs, age, sexual orientation and practice, gender identity, disabilities, and more!

Anything that asks something along the lines of “YOU need to lose weight” or “you’re feeling stuck” violates this policy. Assuming someone’s weight or mental health goes against this personal attributes clause.

Whatever you’re trying to sell, be careful how you phrase it. Double-check that you’re not making assumptions about any category of personal attributes!


Discriminatory Practices

We don’t think about these types of discriminatory practices in our online ads very often. But this is one of the more common ways that your Facebook ads get caught in the net.

These characteristics are a little more specific than personal attributes and often deal with things your audience can’t change about themselves. Anything from race to color, national origin, age, sex, and family status fall under the discriminatory practices.

Targeted language that speaks to any of these practices will quickly get your ad denied and banned from the site.


Misleading Claims Policy

One of the easiest ways to make your point with an ad is to make a lot of claims, but Facebook almost immediately flags them as misleading or false! (Don’t do it.)

Whether it’s weight loss, hair color, or a faster way to make money, skip the claims and stick with persuasion. Any type of exaggeration you make in an ad will be caught and flagged.


The Takeaway?

Knowing more about Facebooks’ ad policies is the best first step you can take to ensure your ads get posted every time!

The essence of your Facebook ads is the wording, and you can get your ads posted to maximum effect if you’re careful with the copy. Avoid any persuasion that centers around personal attributes or discriminatory practices and keep your claims to a minimum.

By avoiding these few things, you’ll get your money’s worth in no time!

Case Study: Over $110K in Revenue With a $2,600 Ad Spend

August 31, 2020 / No Comment / Facebook Ads / by Vidya

At Storybird Ads, nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed. So you can imagine how we felt when we received this testimonial from our client John Clarke, of PrivatePracticeWorkshop.com, HALF A DAY into his launch:

Having to UPGRADE his ActiveCampaign membership and making four HIGH-TICKET SALES in a few hours were only the tip of the iceberg for John. By the end of the launch, we had turned his $2,600 Facebook Ad Spend into $110,781 in revenuethat’s a 42.5x ROI!

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Organic Marketing for Granted

July 25, 2020 / No Comment / Lead Generation,Organic Marketing / by Vidya

Recently, I’ve seen some comments from people in the business world claiming that organic traffic is dead and that paying for traffic is the only way to meaningfully grow your business.

I can’t speak for all niches, but I can say this: As someone who spends every day looking at funnels and ads, I know for a fact that organic marketing is so NOT dead for experts, coaches, consultants, and agencies.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you this. After all, I’m a Facebook ads expert. Isn’t it to my advantage to let you believe that your organic marketing efforts are hopeless?

Perhaps . . . But I would be lying to you. And my ultimate goal here is to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts so you can grow your business.


How to Write Facebook Ads That Get Approved Every Time

July 22, 2020 / No Comment / Emotional Messaging,Facebook Ads / by Vidya

When it comes to making Facebook ads work for your business, many entrepreneurs have a hard time getting past the first hurdle: Getting your ad approved. Especially for businesses in risky niches—like weight loss programs, real estate agents, money coaches, and e-commerce businesses, for example—writing ad copy that doesn’t send up red flags can be a significant challenge.

But rest assured—regardless of what niche you’re in, it’s totally possible to write ads that pass Facebook’s checks with flying colors. In fact, that’s exactly what we do here at Storybird Ads every single day. We work with businesses in a wide range of industries (including all those “risky” industries mentioned above), and our ads never get rejected.

So if you’re feeling burnt out by Facebook’s policies and wondering how you can write ads that actually get approved, engage your audience, and convert readers into clients or customers, keep reading. I’m about to share with you the single BIGGEST change you can make today that will help you create high-performing ads and stay on good terms with Facebook.