Perry Mardon

July 23, 2020 / No Comment / / by Vidya

“I sell a high ticket item anything between $7000 and $20,000, and most of what Vidya does for me is helps me sell my $20,000 program off the back of her Facebook ads.

Now, my results, as a result of working with Vidya, nothing more than outstanding. My close rates are really, really high (close to 80%) because the perfect person is turning up.

So working with Vidya’s also like having a very, very smart business coach working with you because she is a savvy lady.

I respect her immensely, so I recommend her really highly.”

Perry Mardon

Founder, Mardon International

About Vidya

Vidya Ravi holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. She began her career as a software engineer before nurturing "VRDigital" into a full-service agency with a team of technical virtual assistants, copywriters, marketers and designers. Vidya is passionate about helping service- and product-based entrepreneurs scale up their business. SHE HELPS ENTREPRENEURS MAKE AN IMPACT & AN INCOME DOING WHAT THEY LOVE!