Jennifer Kem

December 3, 2020 / No Comment / / by Vidya

I’m very pleased working with Vidya and her ads team. When my company is looking to work with any specialist, we’re always looking for a good mix of strategy & execution and Vidya’s team has that. They take feedback very well, quickly integrating it into their work. Their turnaround time is quick and they’ve flexible in working with us to meet a common goal. As a team, they feel integrated with our team instead of being an additional team to manage.

As a strategist, Vidya is always problem solving & pitching ideas when we are met with obstacles that affect our ads. The realistic and straightforward insight she brings has been extremely valuable in building my trust in paid advertising.

I recommend working with Vidya and her team. If you want honest, no fluff direction from a real strategic consultant, you want to work with her.

Jennifer Kem

8-figure Coach

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Vidya Ravi is a highly sought after Facebook advertising marketer who made her way in the competitive field by being a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is, results driven power house. She has scaled multiple businesses to 6 and 7 figures with amazing ads strategy and customer-first marketing. With close rates of up to 80% on cold audience and ROIs up to 42x for clients, their Facebook ads agency is one of the best in the industry.