About Our Founder

Vidya Ravi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering. 

She began her career as a software engineer before nurturing StoryBird Ads into a full-service agency with a team of technical virtual assistants, copywriters, marketers and designers. 

Now she spends each day living her own real-life fairytale—creating fantastic results for service- and product-based entrepreneurs, while helping them scale up their business to the blue skies and beyond. 

Oh, and don’t be fooled. While she looks young (that’s what happens when you drink from the spring of eternal youth), her results prove that her wisdom is far beyond her years. 

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Previous Appearances

His many legs, pitifully thin compared with the size of the rest of him, waved about helplessly as he looked. “What’s happened to me? ” he thought.

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The bedding was hardly able to cover it and seemed ready to slide off any moment.

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He lay on his armour-like back, and if he lifted his head a little he could see his brown belly, slightly domed and divided by arches into stiff sections.

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One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin.

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